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Our stick on labels are waterproof, laundry and dishwasher safe!

Great for kids labels, labels for clothing and hard surfaces.


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Personalized Labels


We make labels any shape, size, design and color(s). We'll create perfect personalized labels for your needs.


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 labels by the page


We sell labels by the page. Only buy what you need. Each page can be completely different.


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personalized labels testimonials


We hate to blow our own horn

so we let our customers do it for

us. Check out our customers' notable comments about our stick on labels!


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Our Stick On Labels Are Tough, Self Adhesive Labels For Everyone!

IdentaMe Labels are backed with an industrial strength adhesive so they'll stick and stay stuck to all tightly woven fabrics

and hard surfaces. They're waterproof which makes them laundry, dishwasher, microwave and fridge/freezer safe.


Create one-of-a-kind labels for everyone in your life using our Design Center. Choose from different label styles, 

colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. Use our peel and stick labels on clothing, personal belongings, sports gear,

electronics, food containers, school and daycare items, business products and equipment...the list is endless.